Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

Post  Xenokkah on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:21 pm

You must answer all questions and use appropriate grammar throughout the application.

Steam Name:
Steam ID:

Do have any previous experience in the OTA?:

What does an OTA unit mainly do?:

What should you NOT do as an OTA?:

Please provide your backstory. (4 paragraph minimum, 5-6 sentences in each paragraph):

Please provide an active roleplaying example of an OTA unit, no less than 30 lines. Remember to use /me and /it:

Do you have a Civil Protection unit?(THIS REALLY HELPS PEOPLE):

If so:
Current Rank in the CP:
Why do you wish to join OTA?:


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