Application Format for CCA

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Application Format for CCA

Post  Guest on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:18 pm

The format must be the same as the one below or you will be automaticly denied

You must be 13+ to do an application

Steam ID :

Steam Name :

Experiance on other HL2RP servers :

Have you ever been a CCA before? :

Give us a one paragraph description on what you did and what you were as a CCA if you have been :

Give us a one paragraph story on a normal days work as a CCA :

What does the unit "NOVA" do? :


IC Information

Test - Tell us your characters backstory in two paragraphs. (At least 4 Sentences ea.):

Citizen CID and Name :

District in which you have been staying in :







Have you been charged with any anti-citizen violations in the past :

What do you hope to achieve :

Application will be read by either SeC or DvL, have a nice day citizen.


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