Civil Protection Punishment Listings

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Civil Protection Punishment Listings

Post  Xenokkah on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:18 am

There are four variants of unit punishment.

Level One

Minor disobeying of orders.
Improper administration of re-education.

The punishment for a Level One violation is a warning, and five minutes in isolation.

Level Two

Moderate disobeying of orders.
Harming a unit on prupose.
Harming a citizen without valid reason.

The punishment for a Level Two violation is a B Grade physical punishment (I:E breaking a few ribs) and ten minutes in isolation, along with one blackmark.

Level Three

Major disobeying of orders.
Randomly arresting a citizen.
Randomly harming a unit without valid reason.

The punishment for a Level Three violation is an A Grade physical punishment (I:E breaking both arms or both legs, and all ribs) and twenty five minutes in isolation, along with two blackmarks.

Level Four

Capital disobeying of orders.
Randomly killing a citizen or unit.
Going rogue.
Engaging in sexual contact.

The punishment for a Level Four violation is Grade A torture (I:E almost every bone in your body broken, random beatings, acid, ETC), three blackmarks, and either Off World Relocation or Public Execution.

JURY would administer the punishments, failing to do so would result in a level three violation. Only a JURY EpU+ can administer.


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