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HL2RP Guide

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NOTICE: The terminology in this guide may only apply to Portal Storm Gaming. Other servers may not use these terms!

Half-Life 2 Roleplay Guide

Table of Contents

1. Terminology
2. Factions
3. PainRP and FearRP

1. Terminology

OOC: Out of character, meaning something not in the roleplay.

IC: In character, meaning something pertaining to the roleplay.

Void: To forget something.

Minging: Purposefully ruining the roleplay experience.

2. Factions


The citizens are the backbone of HL2RP. They are the main inhabitants of the city, and usually influence many of the events. They are fed so little that they are at the point of near death by starvation, and the only food given to them to eat is a jar full of strange, revolting meat. Some hate the Combine, some adore them. If you're going to rebel, do it subtly; not eating rations, writing and leaving out propaganda papers, and other sorts of things. There's a rumor going around that if they like you, a certain group of people will come to visit...

Civil Protection

The Civil Protection are essentially the brutal Combine police. They enforce the strict laws set down and fight against people who would dare resist the Combine. They get better food than the citizens, and more of it, meaning that they are stronger than any citizen. They wear bulletproof Kevlar vests and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Don't commit a crime!

Overwatch Transhuman Arm

The Overwatch Transhuman Arm, or OTA, come in when the Civil Protection can't handle things. They are heavily augmented shock troopers arranged in squads. A single squad can take out a horde of zombies or defend a city from an antlion attack. If they catch you in the wrong place at the wrong time, you WILL die. Stay out of their way.

3. PainRP and FearRP

PainRP is when you RP pain. If you got hit by a bullet in the leg, you wouldn't keep running or walking, but rather fall down screaming. Take the pain you'd feel in reality, and apply it in character. Examples:


** C18.CP-JURY-02.71962 walks over to the panel on the wall.
** C18.CP-JURY-02.71962 slides it open, and takes out a heavy carpenter's hammer.
** C18.CP-JURY-02.71962 walks back over to the struggling citizen bound to the chair.
** C18.CP-JURY-02.71962 forces the citizen's hand flat to the chair, and raises the hammer.
** C18.CP-JURY-02.71962 strikes down on the citizen's hand, and a sickening crunch is heard.
John Moss says "Ow! That hurt!"


** C18.CP-NOVA-05.32206 raises his 9mm at the fleeing citizen's leg.
** C18.CP-NOVA-05.32206 fires a shot, attempting to hit him in his leg.
** C18.CP-NOVA-05.32206 has rolled a 78 out of 100.
** Angela Sean has rolled a 40 out of 100.
** Angela Sean falls to the ground, screaming in agony.

FearRP is, you guessed it, when you RP fear. If you see a unit, you'd be afraid, because if you run they beat your head until it bleeds.
Here are some examples.


** C18.CP-RAZOR-DvL.02156 inspects the line of citizens.
** C18.CP-RAZOR-DvL.02156 stops in the center of the street.
C18.CP-RAZOR-DvL.02156 says "Do you know why you are here?"
C18.CP-RAZOR-DvL.02156 says "To be inspected."
A shape descends from the sky, and upon closer looks, it is an Advisor.
The creature slowly inspects the citizens, and lifts one into the air.
The Advisor flips the man around in front of it, and contemplates him.
A large "tongue" thrusts forward into the back of the man's neck, killing him instantly.
** Jak Stephens watches impassively.


** C18.CP-RcT.19262 trembles in terror.
** Matthias Zimmerman flips the safety off on his silenced pistol.
** C18.CP-RcT.19262 attempts to radio for help.
** C18.CP-RcT.19262 has rolled a 22 out of 100.
** Matthias Zimmermann has rolled a 91 out of 100.
** Matthias Zimmermann slaps the radio out of his hand.
C18.CP-RcT.19262 says "Help!"
C18.CP-RcT.19262 says "Please! No!"
** Matthias Zimmermann presses the silencer to his head and fires.
** The RcT's bound body crumples to the floor, a look of horror etched under his mask.

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